So often hunters wait too long to begin dress out their animal.  They should take their pictures ASAP and then immediately start dressing the animal out.  Make sure you completely dress your animal out.  Too many hunters tend to leave the lungs and the esophagus in the animal.  They also tend to not remove the entire urinal track and all the manure from beneath the pelvic bone located between the hind quarters.  Removing the windpipe or esophagus is critical especially in larger animals for proper cooling. PROPER COOLING
Remember that temperatures above 45 degrees are not cool enough to hang or cool wild game.  If temperature is higher than 45 degrees you should quarter your animal and put it into coolers with ice or take it to a meat processor for proper handling.  Also, if you bone out your own deer,  remember to keep your meet in 10# or less pkgs.


Too many hunters let their meat get dirty, whether it be dust and dirt or grass and leaves.  Those who do things properly, are usually prepared with a clean tarp or blanket to do the work on and also with enough CLEAR, food grade, game bags to put meat into when they are finished.Remember to NEVER PUT MEAT INTO GARBAGE BAGS.  These bags are not food grade and they are usually coated with chemicals and pesticides during manufacturing.  Great Frontier Meats will provide you with food grade plastic bags for no charge if you need them.