Why Private Label Meat

The benefits of having your own private label meats are varied. Retailers and business owners choose to private label for a number of reasons.  Below are just a few benefits to this endeavor.

  1.  Exclusivity – If you have specific type of meat with your own label on it, you set yourself apart from the competition.  Nowhere else can the meat with your label be found.
  2. Frohlings private label meat kippered beef Pricing – With your own private label meat you’re able to set your own prices without concern that someone will say, “But it’s cheaper at this store over here.”
  3. Packaging- The packaging and labels are created specifically for you.  We work with a high quality label company that knows the industry and what works and doesn’t work to guide the label creation process.  You have the freedom to choose the logo, description, contact information and even the the product name.
  4. Branding – Brand identity is a vital part of any business.  By creating your own private label meat products, you enhance your brand and create an image of your business.
  5. Accessibility – By dealing directly with a manufacturer of a product to create your private label meat, you eliminate a middleman and likely increase margins of your product.

Frohling Quality Meats is a USDA inspected facility utilizing HACCP Software from the folks at We R Food Safety to ensure we produce the safest product possible. Currently we produce product for several private label companies.

Our Equipment:
Our modern equipment allows us to produce product at a high volume without sacrificing the quality of the product.

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