• Catering menus and other details pertinent to the event must be submitted to the Catering department at least two weeks prior to the function date, unless pre-approved.  While catering an event, Frohling’s Catering is not responsible for any food brought on the premises by an outside individual.


  • A final number of attendees if required 30 days prior to the function date unless otherwise pre-approved.

Billing Information

  • A 50% deposit is due to reserve your date, unless arrangements have been established with the catering office.  This will be deducted from your final bill.
  • Payment in full is required before the serving begins at the function, unless credit terms have been established with the office. A credit card and deposit is required to reserve the function date.  This card will be used, the next business day, to pay the balance of the function.  All dates will not be reserved until the deposit has been received.  In the event that the caterer must seek legal remedies to complete execution of this contract, the client agrees to pay all attorney fees for both parties.
  • A $50.00 billing fee will be added onto all bills that are not paid in full the day of the event unless otherwise pre-approved.
  • To bring our grill on site, there will be an additional fee of $100.00 for the first two hours.  Anything after the two hours will be billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour.
  • The Carving Station will be be brought for all Prime Rib Dinners. For any other dinner, the Carving Station may be brought for an additional fee of $75.00.
  • To have a Garnished Whole Hog on site, there will be an Additional Fee of $450.00.
  • Mileage and Labor will be added to all occasions with less than 100 guests.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice unless a contract has been signed


  • All applicable state and local taxes will be imposed and paid by the client. If the client’s organization is tax exempt, the caterer must receive a certificate reflecting the client’s exemption status no later than five working days before the event.  If the caterer does not receive this certificate, the client agrees to pay all taxes associated with the event.


  • If the cancellation occurs within 30 business days of the event, Frohling’s Catering will retain all deposits.  If for some reason there is not a deposit, the client will be billed for 50% of the projected bill.  Cancellations must be received in written form and signed by the client.  If a client rebooks a function that had to be cancelled, the cater will only receive 25% of the projected bill.

Left-Over Food

  • When Frohling’s Catering is on location to serve food, they usually carry more than they expect to serve.  When off-site for a long period of time, they have extended food temperatures and holding conditions to a point that they will not release leftover food to the client.The South Dakota Department of Health requires this policy.  We trust you will co-operate.  If the client would like to purchase additional food, arrangements need to be made five business days prior to the event.


  • Servers will be provided for all events with 100 or more people when the event is billed per plate.  For all events with 100 people or less, servers will be provided for an additional fee. This time includes preparation and clean-up.
  • Frohling’s servers are only responsible for setting up and cleaning up the buffet line.
  • All of Frohling’s Events are catered on disposable plates, silverware, and glasses


  • Frohling Quality Meats will not attend a function where the client has not signed a catering contract. This contract must be signed 60 days prior to the event, unless otherwise pre-approved.

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